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Took my precious puppy to the park 😊

Thinking about making patches that say “conservation not captivity” with an orca whale on it I really wanna do that

Things I enjoy: takin pics with tha bestie while she’s not looking




summer lovin
had me a blast
summer lovin
dick in my ass


did you mean: no one cares about your incest ghost hunting meme loving asses

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battle of the century

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Anonymous inquired How the fuck can you monkeys talk about white shooting up schools when black built an entire thug culture on mindlessly killing each other? Oh wait, you can't. One occasional school shooting doesn't come close to proportionate to the amount of Tupacs gunning each other down and not to mention the collateral damage of stray bullets and so on. Y'all are weak af. Oh and enjoy reading this on the internet invented by a white man you fucking ghoul.


white boy: “nobody wants to cop my DC shoes from 9th grade *shoots up a school*” white power these nuts my nigga send your imperial wizard my regards

Also the Internet was invented by a fucking woman


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