Why do white girls always call their brothers “bubba”? When did that start?

This dog is sitting like people

This dog is sitting like people

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i love getting high and dancing by myself haha is that weird


Please keep making posts about pizza, records, and butt touches it makes me R O C K H A R D

i fucks heavily with coconut water

New jewelry my sister topazchips got for me in Istanbul ☺️

aw i had a good night for many reasons








Tumblr, you have done it, along with 4chan. I am a man of my word, and will fulfill my part of the bargain.

Now, remember the rules: nothing lethal or extremely dangerous. 

Whichever response occurs most will be the winner. What would you like to see?

If anyone has a better idea I’m all ears but if not can we try to boost “print out the first page of you blog, wrap it around some sort of stick, slather it in Icy-Hot and shove that up your ass”

Proud of you amazing atheist… Keeping your word, that’s very admirable

a bad dragon xl ‘breeder’ dildo


Oh my god yes

It’s pretty expensive. Would anyone be willing to buy it for me? 

Stick a corn on the cob up your asshole