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I’m wearing an affliction shirt so don’t pay attention to that but I did my hair for the first time in like almost 3 months

Anonymous inquired ARE YOU KIDDING. Is john green actually dead. How did he die? Where is this information from?


choked on a chicken tender from what I understand


how despicable me be?

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everyone in this Starbucks knows I’m wasted


hey girls………ummmmm…….did u know that………bro we are teens

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the train home was crazy but guess who just got his first testosterone shot! 💉❤️ i’m damn excited to finally start transitioning. thanks to everyone who’s supported me along the way!

im so happy for you!!!


when john lennon went to school the teacher asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. he drew a dick and wrote “suck it mr. teach” the teacher told him he didnt understand the assignment. he told the teacher he didnt understand life. that teacher? albert einstein

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i will never understand why people list their many ailments and mental illnesses in their bios online like i respect your decision to do so i just don’t really get it

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